APN Policy Briefing Notes

Edited by Cyril Obi

The APN Policy Briefing Notes series provides in-depth analysis and evidence-based suggestions for addressing challenges facing conflict-affected countries and regions of Africa. Such concise, actionable policy options are meant to equip practitioners and policymakers working in national, regional, and multilateral organizations with ideas that are relevant to the consolidation of African peace, security, and development.

No. 1

Nigeria’s 2015 Elections: Lessons and Prospects for Democratic Consolidation
By Nkwachukwu Orji

No. 2

The Prospects for Peace in Burundi: Some Policy Options
By George Omondi

No. 3

Peace Operations in the Central African Republic: Some Challenges and Ways Forward
By Jude Cocodia

No. 4

The African Union’s Gender, Peace, and Security Mechanisms: Policy Options for Protecting Women in Conflict
By Hussaina J. Abdullah

No. 5

Conflict, Peace, and Regional Economic Integration in Southern Africa: Addressing the Policy Challenges
By Zebulun Kreiter

No. 6

Is UNSCR 1325 Empowering African Women to Negotiate Peace? Insights and Policy Options
By Pamela Machakanja

No. 7

Shifting Landscapes of Militancy in the Sahel Sahara
By Anouar Boukhars

No. 8

State Responses to the Relapse into Insurgent Violence in Nigeria’s Oil Region
By Charles Ukeje

No. 9

Local Actors, Conflict Management, and Peacebuilding in Central Nigeria: Insights and Policy Implications
By Jimam T. Lar

No. 10

Revisiting the Dismissal of the UNMISS Force Commander in South Sudan
By Kizito Sabala and Charles Ukeje

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